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December Contest Announcement

Discussion in 'Forum/Site News' started by BlurredLines, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. BlurredLines

    BlurredLines Administrator Staff Member

    It's December and it's time to give away another $100. You have to create something (tag, artwork, sig, design, whatever). We'll have a showdown tournament style on beginning on the 23rd of December. The theme this month is "Winter/Cold".

    Please respond to this thread if you plan to enter something. You don't have to post your work, but I just need your name so I can make the pairings in the tournament. You may submit up to two entries. PM me your entry, and use the title "DEC CONTEST".

    It also helps me if you reply to this thread that you plan on entering.

  2. Thundercath

    Thundercath Active Member

  3. Kovan

    Kovan Active Member

    Count me in :)
    Thundercath likes this.
  4. BlurredLines

    BlurredLines Administrator Staff Member

    You guys are the best! Always in!
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  5. Phil

    Phil Member

    Semester ends next week so I should have a bunch of free time. I'm in!
  6. t r 1 b a l

    t r 1 b a l Word up, son.

  7. Phil

    Phil Member

    Sorry all, real life stuff has been really hectic. I won't be participating this month. Expect some critiques and votes from me though!
  8. BlurredLines

    BlurredLines Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, we might have to skip December next year too because I have been too busy with real life stuff.
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  9. Thundercath

    Thundercath Active Member

    could do with January and February as winter futuristic and skip December.
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  10. Flip7Designs

    Flip7Designs Member

    I agree, holidays make it too hard. Either family or work going on, tough to balance everything all together. Holiday break
    Which Happy New Year everyone, enjoy!
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  11. RazerKnight17

    RazerKnight17 New Member

    It's still not done yet?
  12. Phil

    Phil Member

    The last post in this thread was January 2. Since it's been about 5 months, I think we can safely say that the contest is over. :/
  13. DeMoN100

    DeMoN100 Member

    I am in.
    Is there going to be a size limit?
  14. Phil

    Phil Member

    This contest is over. Feel free to enter our new GFX Battles!
  15. DeMoN100

    DeMoN100 Member

    You might want to link the banner at top to the appropriate thread then!
  16. Phil

    Phil Member

    Thanks for pointing that out! I'll PM our admin @BlurredLines.
    Locking this thread so there's no more confusion.
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