Madara rendor

Discussion in 'Render critique' started by phantompye, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. phantompye

    phantompye New Member


    this was done from a picture from DA and i got permission from the artist he is named dralaquan

    MEGAFATBOY New Member

    Pretty good, some random pixels in lower right, and some choppy stufff.
  3. n3rdskillz

    n3rdskillz James, while John had had "had," had had "had had

    pretty choppy all the way around, cut closer, dont be scared [​IMG]

  4. re4p3r1

    re4p3r1 flocking ship-axe pitches

    its a little slanted but everything else looks good
  5. shoutonce

    shoutonce New Member

    Looks a little choppy but is def useable. Try feathering it.
  6. MiTcH1337

    MiTcH1337 New Member

    Looks a tad bit choppy. There are a few stray pixels aswell.
  7. thedarkest92

    thedarkest92 New Member

    It's a bit choppy, but it's definetly a usable render.
  8. lapie000

    lapie000 New Member

    t's useable, definitely not done to best of ability, almost looks rushed.

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