Most Inspirational Signatures You've Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Design talk' started by Che, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. ScReWHeaD

    ScReWHeaD Chapter 063

    rav you lyin son of a gun youre just mad cause i'm low mod and you're high novice. :/
  2. MrX

    MrX New Member

    wow, some awesome tags here, amazing :).
  3. nonplusultra`

    nonplusultra` New Member

    I think nobody remember me :*
    thanks for posting my sigs, I really appreciate it
  4. Najn

    Najn zoomers + najn f*** buddies 4 lyfe

    some hot shit in here how come nobody updating anything anymore :(
  5. oww

    oww New Member

    Not really any new styles being made. :(

    I still think Blane's tags are inspirational.
  6. DtK-Sama

    DtK-Sama New Member

    This is pretty sick ... :0
  7. Noah

    Noah New Member

    by quert; other stuff by him from 2012

    [​IMG] collab with me
    [​IMG] collab with wr
    [​IMG] collab with me and dyst
  8. Guest

    Guest New Member

    why didnt yo upost the skull tag that quert made

    that was pretty beast
  9. Noah

    Noah New Member

  10. sjoerd.b

    sjoerd.b New Member

  11. saadfan

    saadfan New Member
    ^this one is amazing :O
  12. BattleLion

    BattleLion New Member

    Awesome Well done..
  13. ME24saken

    ME24saken New Member

    In the past I've said something I am not proud of. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize. It's regarding this post:
    I want to say that this tag is in fact very special and I want Alex to know that he, aswell, it very special. I want that there is no misunderstanding about that.
    Thank you for your time.
  14. wrftw

    wrftw f***k you

    joren :(

    someone let us have an anon posting forum so we can use it for confessions please
  15. saadfan

    saadfan New Member

  16. Youngburn96

    Youngburn96 New Member

    Every single one of them are great, [​IMG]. That caught my eye.
  17. Cerib

    Cerib Member

    They're all amazing. Seriously.
    Every-single-one of them are awe inspiring. I had to force myself to stop looking.
    I'm not as good as those guys. D: So jelly.
  18. Leah7

    Leah7 Member

    ^ I know how ya feel. Lol, you will get there. :)
  19. alinaradu

    alinaradu New Member

    Where did you find all these signatures? They are amazing!!!

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