The Ultimate GIMP Rendering Thread [Last Updated: 3/21/08]

Discussion in 'Rendering tutorials' started by Kill454, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Fabian!

    Fabian! New Member

    Thanks, very helpfull.
  2. ecvecvecv

    ecvecvecv New Member

    Lovely tutorial.
    Found it very helpful
    thank you :laugh:
  3. asasasa

    asasasa New Member

  4. shauly1

    shauly1 New Member

    Great guide, this is what I came up with (on my first ever attempt at this):

  5. ¬Homer J.™~

    ¬Homer J.™~ New Member

  6. PoeMan

    PoeMan New Member

    thanks for the help im new to rendering and i always have trouble with it

    Thank you and God Bless...


  7. JacobDonut

    JacobDonut New Member

    Pretty nice. Thanks. :p
  8. PoeMan

    PoeMan New Member

    Wow this really helps me out a lot im not a big PS fan bc ive used GIMP for so long
  9. 60cent

    60cent Member

    Thanks and nice tutorial
  10. PowerOFCS

    PowerOFCS New Member

    tnxs for the amazing guide
  11. tevatron

    tevatron New Member

    thank you so much!
  12. Cassiopheia

    Cassiopheia New Member

    Thanks this really helps!
  13. impulse26

    impulse26 New Member

    thanks. this looks helpful
  14. BattleLion

    BattleLion New Member

    Nice. but hard could get the whole thing you said. I think you should make a video tut..
  15. Starfox

    Starfox Member

    Nice rendering guide, might give this kind of rendering another try :).
  16. Charl

    Charl Member

    Amazing Guide :D

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